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FPGA Reference Design for Ad9695-1300

Dear community,

We plan to use ad9695 for our system. I am new in using Analog devices boards.

*We have seen that ADI recommends ADS7-V2 evaluation system for AD9695-1300 as in the link below. However, I couldn't find FPGA reference design in wiki page of ADI (link below), is it normal?

AD9695 evaluation with ADS7-V2:

Wiki for reference designs:

Github page of reference designs:

*How can I find available FPGA reference designs for ADS7-V2 and ADS8-V1EBZ?

*I have seen that the link below tells that ADS8-V1EBZ evaluation board is compatible to use it several fast ADC cards (ADC9695, AD9689, AD9217, AD9213, AD9208). I looked at the github page but I couldnt find a reference design for none of the recommended evalution board+ADC card. So, is there any FPGA reference design available for ADS8 and ADS7?  


*Without a reference design, how should I start developing my FPGA design to interface AD9695-1300 using ADS8-V1EBZ or ADS7-V2 (I am good at FPGA programming but new in ADI systems)?

By the way, the ADI website tells that we can ask to but I couldnt get any reply. 

Thanks in advance