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extract memory map register tables


I was wondering, specifically for the AD9675 IC, are the memory map register tables stored somewhere in a format that one can use it in software? A csv or other format so one can incorporate it as an API in their software stack would make it convenient to use?



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  • If others are looking into this, a python implementation of the register mapping of the AD9675. (I excluded some of the reserved registers)

    memory map register table
    according to AD9675 datasheet pages 47-58
    CHIP_PORT_CONFIG = {'addr': 0x000,    'def_val': 0x18}
    CHIP_ID = {'addr': 0x001,    'def_val': 0xA9}
    CHIP_GRADE = {'addr': 0x002,    'def_val': 0x00}
    Device index and update registers
    DEVICE_INDEX_2 = {'addr': 0x004,    'def_val': 0x0F}
    DEVICE_INDEX_1 = {'addr': 0x005,    'def_val': 0x3F}
    DEVICE_UPDATE = {'addr': 0x0FF,    'def_val': 0x00}
    Program Function Registers
    GLOBAL_MODES = {'addr': 0x008, 'def_val': 0x01}
    GLOBAL_CLOCK = {'addr': 0x009, 'def_val': 0x01}
    PLL_STATUS = {'addr': 0x00A, 'def_val': 0x00}
    TEST_IO = {'addr': 0x00D, 'def_val': 0x00}
    GPO = {'addr': 0x00E, 'def_val': 0x00}
    FLEX_CHANNEL_INPUT = {'addr': 0x00F, 'def_val': 0x18}
    FLEX_OFFSET = {'addr': 0x010, 'def_val': 0x20}
    FLEX_GAIN = {'addr': 0x011, 'def_val': 0x06}
    BIAS_CURRENT = {'addr': 0x012, 'def_val': 0x09}
    RESERVED_13 = {'addr': 0x013, 'def_val': 0x00}
    OUTPUT_MODE = {'addr': 0x014, 'def_val': 0x01}
    OUTPUT_ADJUST = {'addr': 0x015, 'def_val': 0x61}
    RESERVED_16 = {'addr': 0x016, 'def_val': 0x00}
    RESERVED_17 = {'addr': 0x017, 'def_val': 0x00}
    FLEX_VREF = {'addr': 0x018, 'def_val': 0x04}
    USER_PATT1_LSB = {'addr': 0x019, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT1_MSB = {'addr': 0x01A, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT2_LSB = {'addr': 0x01B, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT2_MSB = {'addr': 0x01C, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT3_LSB = {'addr': 0x01D, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT3_MSB = {'addr': 0x01E, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT4_LSB = {'addr': 0x01F, 'def_val': 0x00}
    USER_PATT4_MSB = {'addr': 0x020, 'def_val': 0x00}
    FLEX_SERIAL_CTRL = {'addr': 0x021, 'def_val': 0x00}
    SERIAL_CH_STAT = {'addr': 0x022, 'def_val': 0x00}
    FLEX_FILTER = {'addr': 0x02B, 'def_val': 0x00}
    LNA_TERM = {'addr': 0x02C, 'def_val': 0x00}
    CW_ENABLE_PHASE = {'addr': 0x02D, 'def_val': 0x00}
    CW_LO_MODE = {'addr': 0x02E, 'def_val': 0x00}
    CW_OUTPUT = {'addr': 0x02F, 'def_val': 0x80}
    VGA_TEST = {'addr': 0x109, 'def_val': 0x00}
    PROFILE_INDEX = {'addr': 0x10C, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_OFFSET_CAL = {'addr': 0x10F, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_OFFSET_CORR1 = {'addr': 0x110, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_OFFSET_CORR2 = {'addr': 0x111, 'def_val': 0x00}
    POWER_MASK_CONFIG = {'addr': 0x112, 'def_val': 0x02}
    DIG_CONFIG = {'addr': 0x113, 'def_val': 0x00}
    CHIP_ADDR_EN = {'addr': 0x115, 'def_val': 0x00}
    ANALOG_TEST_TONE = {'addr': 0x116, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_SINE_TEST_FREQ = {'addr': 0x117, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_SINE_TEST_AMP = {'addr': 0x118, 'def_val': 0x00}
    DIG_SINE_TEST_OFFSET = {'addr': 0x119, 'def_val': 0x00}
    TEST_MODE_CHENABLE = {'addr': 0x11A, 'def_val': 0x00}
    TEST_MODE_CONFIG = {'addr': 0x11B, 'def_val': 0x00}
    CW_TEST_TONE = {'addr': 0x120, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LINK_CTRL1 = {'addr': 0x142, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LINK_CTRL2 = {'addr': 0x143, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LINK_CTRL3 = {'addr': 0x144, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LINK_CTRL4 = {'addr': 0x145, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_DID_CFG = {'addr': 0x146, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_BID_CFG = {'addr': 0x147, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LID0_CFG = {'addr': 0x148, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_LID1_CFG = {'addr': 0x149, 'def_val': 0x01}
    JTX_LID2_CFG = {'addr': 0x14A, 'def_val': 0x02}
    JTX_LID3_CFG = {'addr': 0x14B, 'def_val': 0x03}
    JTX_SCR_L_CFG = {'addr': 0x150, 'def_val': 0x83}
    JTX_F_CFG = {'addr': 0x151, 'def_val': 0x03}
    JTX_K_CFG = {'addr': 0x152, 'def_val': 0x0F}
    JTX_M_CFG = {'addr': 0x153, 'def_val': 0x07}
    JTX_CS_N_CFG = {'addr': 0x154, 'def_val': 0x0F}
    JTX_SCV_NP_CFG = {'addr': 0x155, 'def_val': 0x0F}
    JTX_JV_S_CFG = {'addr': 0x156, 'def_val': 0x20}
    JTX_HD_CF_CFG = {'addr': 0x157, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_RES1_CFG = {'addr': 0x158, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_RES2_CFG = {'addr': 0x159, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_CHKSUM0_CFG = {'addr': 0x15A, 'def_val': 0x3C}
    JTX_CHKSUM1_CFG = {'addr': 0x15B, 'def_val': 0x3D}
    JTX_CHKSUM2_CFG = {'addr': 0x15C, 'def_val': 0x3E}
    JTX_CHKSUM3_CFG = {'addr': 0x15D, 'def_val': 0x3F}
    JTX_CLK_CNTL_1 = {'addr': 0x180, 'def_val': 0x87}
    JTX_CLK_CNTL_2 = {'addr': 0x181, 'def_val': 0x00}
    PLL_STARTUP = {'addr': 0x182, 'def_val': 0x02}
    DATA_VALID_RESYNC = {'addr': 0x186, 'def_val': 0xAE}
    START_CODE_EN = {'addr': 0x188, 'def_val': 0x01}
    START_CODE_MSB = {'addr': 0x18B, 'def_val': 0x27}
    START_CODE_LSB = {'addr': 0x18C, 'def_val': 0x72}
    FRAME_SIZE_MSB = {'addr': 0x190, 'def_val': 0x10}
    SAMPLE_CLOCK_CONVERTER = {'addr': 0x199, 'def_val': 0x00}
    JTX_FRAME_SIZE = {'addr': 0x19C, 'def_val': 0x10}
    Profile memory registers
    32x64 bits
        'addr': 0xF00,
        'start_addr': 0xF00,
        'def_val': 0x00,
        'end_addr': 0xFFF