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AD9674 Problems with Trigger

Hi there,


Unfortunately we need help with the commissioning of the AD9674.

We program the device via SPI as described in the data sheet. We use the chip grade of 80 MHz and the 12 bit operation without RF decimator and have adapted the places in the example. In the following the register description is described. Left is the address and right is the corresponding value.

                  //                adr         val

                                   0x000,      0x3c,                  

                                   0x002,      0x20,                  

                                   0x0ff,        0x01,                  

                                   0x004,      0x0f,                  

                                   0x005,      0x3f,                  

                                   0x113,      0x00,      

                                   0x011,      0x06,      

                                   0xf00,       0xff,                  

                                   0xf01,       0x7f,                  

                                   0xf02,       0x00,      

                                   0xf03,       0x80,                  

                                   0x10c,      0x00,                  

                                   0x014,      0x00,                  

                                   0x008,      0x00,                  

                                   0x021,      0x00,

                                   0x199,      0x80,            

                                   0x19B,      0x50,                  

                                   0x188,      0x01,

                                   0x18b,      0x27,            

                                   0x18c,      0x72,                  

                                   0x182,      0x82,

                                   0x10c,      0x20,

                                   0x00f,       0x18,                  

                                   0x02b,      0x40,

But the AD9674 has a zero line on all 8 outputs. The SPI inputs of the ADC are controlled and
are controlled correctly.

What could be possible reasons for this? Thanks for your help.