AD9684 + HSC-ADC-EVALEZ with NI Labview


i'm jinseong

I'm plannig  to purchase Eval-ad9684 and HSC-ADC-EVALEZ. And I want to connect the output usb of HSC-ADC-EVALEZ with Ni labview. I know that the software uses visualanalog to capture

data, but I searched WIKI and found a driver that connects ACE to Labview(, but not a driver that connects visualanalog with

labview. so i wonder that can VisualAnalog be linked with labview? if yes. please let me konw.(Here, connecting to NI labview means that i can use NI VISA Application.)

if not, Do I have to use ADC that supports ACE in order to use NI LABVIEW with an Analogdevice ADC? 


thank you for always & best regards


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