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 There is another question.  Pls. help.

 When reading and writing ADAS3022, Can I first write CFG(IN2) and then write three CFG=0 to  keep current configuration settings, and the SDO value read at this time is the IN2 measurement value?Because there is always a two-deep delay (n + 2) when writing CFG and when reading back CFG for the setting associated with the current conversion.

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    If in your proposed sequence you mean that the configuration is written as 4 word bursts [CFG, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000] without a unique conversion start for each word in the sequence then no that will NOT update the configuration as you desire.   Fundamentally the serial shift register connected to SDI will only be parallel loaded into the internal memory at the end of conversion and there is one additional register of buffering before that value is loaded and used for conversion.  All of these registers are updated at the END OF CONVERSION and thus the explicit delay.