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Questions on AD9262


I have some questions the ADC AD9262

1.  In the data sheet, on page 24, it says "When 3.3 V voltage levels are  desirable, the DRVDD power supply must be set to 3.3 V. " It looks to me  like that when the DRVDD is 3.3V, all the digital output, including the  DA0~DA15 and DB0~DA15, SDIO and SCLK are all 3.3V level. However, in  table 6 on page 8, the voltage range of DA0~DA15 and DB0~DB15 are −0.3 V  to +2.0 V.

2. Figure 45 shows dual power supply +/-5V for AD4937. However, the data sheet of AD4937 states that it is single +5V supply. Which one should I follow?

thank you very much.


  • Hi-

    I moved this question to the High-Speed ADCs community.  Please continue the discussion here.



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  • Hi Coolparam,

    Thanks for your questions. Seems the AD9262 Rev A datasheet has a couple of things that need clarification/correction.

    FIrst off, table 6 on page 8 is the Absolute Maximum Ratings table. This table, give an indication not of the operating points, but rather what the limits are before we know damage will occure to the part. In this case, I agree that the limitation is strange, and should be clarified. The Data outputs 1-16 listed are for the case with the supply at 1.8V.

    In the case where the supply is 3.3V, the abs max would rise (probably to +3.5V).

    On fig 47 of the AD9262 datasheet, I would have to agree - that looks wrong. Dual 5 v supplies will fry the part (both parts in all likelyhood).

    I'd suggest using 3.3V single supply configuration like is shown on the AD4937-2 datasheet, page 25, fig 67. We will need to update our datasheet for the AD9262. Thanks for pointing that out.



  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for the clarification. I am now working the schematic of the AD9262 circuit. When it is completed, can I send it to you for review? If yes, which ADI support email address can I use to send the schematic file? Thank you very much.

  • Hi Coolparam,

    I will be contacting you by your private email from your profile registration to provide details and conditions of what can be done.