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Interfacing AD9201 with AD9761

I am sampling an audio signal, and I need an A/D converter that will best interface with the AD9761 DAC.

The AD9201 is said to be the dual receive companion A/D for the AD9761 but I don't need the dual matched DACs

for this particular application, and this will only provide a  20 MSPS input to the AD9761 as opposed to the required 40 MSPS.

I see that Analog Devices offers two single channel 10-bit 40 MSPS A/D converters. One of these devices (AD9609-40) operates with

1.8 DVDD and the other (AD9203) 3.3 DVDD, and from what I understand neither can provide 5V CMOS logic outputs which I need

to interface with the AD9761 using a 5 V supply.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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