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AD9237 reference setting


Please let me know  about reference setting of  AD9237 soon because  I am designing and need to finish by this week,.

Is there any wrong with description of AD9237 datasheet P.18 table 7_Internal Fixed Reference ?

Datasheet Table 7 says below

1: differenctial span 4.0Vp-p :   resulting VREF 0.5V and span factor 1

2: differenctial span 1.0Vp-p : resulting VREF 1.0V and span factor 1

But,we think that we need to set resulting VREF = 1.0V and span factor =1  if I need 4v p-p of resulting differenntial span.

Is my understanding correct ?

I reffer  below.

1: SPAN =   4*VREF/  Span factor  described in datasheet P.17

2:  Condtion (VREF = 1.0 V; MODE2 = AVDD)  of 4Vp-p described in deasasheet P.3 table 1

If you have any question, please let me know .

I will confirm it and add answer at this thread.