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3V at every TX-Output of AD9863


I designed a Front End for a communication system with the AD9863. The Schematic and Layout were checked very well before it was manufactured, so I think it should work well. Its controlled by an FPGA. Without any programm running in the FPGA I measure 3V3 DC at all TX-Outputs. When I programm the FPGA to set the AD9863 in the TX-mode and let it give out a simple sine, is still measure 3V3 DC at all outputs. No sine. I checked all pins: All configuration pins are correct for the mode of the AD9863 I want to have. At the Data pins I can see the digital signals with an oscillosscope. I use a Clock of 100 MHz, enabled 1x PLL, no interpolation, 24 bit input.

Is it broken or is there any reason for the DC output i measure?