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What AD-ADC-FMC Adapter Board (Rev A or Rev B) do I need to connect AD9467-200EBZ with ML605

Dear colleagues,

I can not figure out which model adapter board should I use to connect connect AD9467-200EBZ to ML605.

AD9467 Evaluation Board, ADC-FMC Interposer & Xilinx Reference Design [Analog Devices Wiki] - says I need Rev A but the provided link leads me to CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB (Rev B) and no trace of Rev A.

In the "Add on Boards" (Xilinx Reference Designs [Analog Devices Wiki]) AD9467-200EBZ is not listed to be supported by  CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZB (Rev B).

I will appreciate highly your help!




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