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AD9235 setup

Let me confirm how to set up AD9235 (12bit AD Conveter) with AD8132(Differential Amp.).

My question is the relation between SENSE, VREF in AD9235 and VCOM in AD8132.

In my understanding, VREF can be connected with external voltage as an input.

So if I set the SENSE as AVDD, I can get 2 x VCOM accordingto the data sheet.

If I set the VCOM as +1.5V by volume, I can get 3Vp-p output from AD9235, am I correct?

Or I may be able to set SENSE using external resistor(R1:1K, R2:2kohm) to get VREF as 1.5V

like Figure40. Then I can get the same 3Vp-p, am I corrct?