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AD9480 driver

AD9480 ADC has absolute maximum input voltage range as -0.5V..3.8V. But if I use 3.3V supplied ADC driver it is difficult to set 1.9V its output common mode voltage. May I use diff. amps such as AD8138 AD8139 with 5V supply for dc-coupled applications? Is there risk of ADC input damage by overvoltage?

  • Hi Alexander,

    The AD8138 should work as you have configured. The AD8138 can be configured to use an external output common mode (VOCM). Please see the datasheet for AD8138 section "3 V OPERATION" on page 22. I think this explains the mode you are looking for.

    FYI, there are other amplifiers we have that can DC couple with a 1.9V output common mode voltage. Please see ADA4930.

    Hope this helps.