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AD9235 with AD8132(AD8138)



Could you give me any advice as below?

I have been designing PCB using AD9235 and AD8132.

I have designed AD8132 using input signal impedance matching as 50ohms to get differential output.

My question is to confirm the connection between AD9235 VIN and AD8132 output.

Can I connect AD8132 –OUT with AD9235 VIN+ and AD8132 +OUT with AD9235 VIN-?

In AD9235 data sheet page 16 Fig.35, AD8138 –OUT is connected with AD9235 VIN-. 

However on page 23, Fig.46, AD8138 –OUT is connected with AD9235 VIN+.

So it seems I can connect both ways.

  1. Is there any restrictions or any difference on that?
  2. I have experience to use AD8132 with AD8349(Modulator) but not with AD9235.    

In AD8138 data sheet, AD8138 is best suitable to ADConverter. So I still wonder which to use.

Which do you recommend, AD8132 or AD8138 to drive AD9235?


AD9235 Condition; Sense:+3.3V, VREF:Vocm of AD8132, MODE:AVDD,2/3AVDD, 1/3AVDD, GND selectable

AD8132: positive side AC input, source: +/-5V


I appreciate your quick response.


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