Resolution change of AD9257

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have the question for your AD9257 "Resolution/ Sample rate override" from our customer.

After send the register setting for "Resolution/ sample rate override", customer make change "transfer register" bit0;0 to 1, so "Resolution/ sample rate over ride" is enabled he think.

But your AD9257 seem to make change the 14bit to 12bit wthout to make change "transfer register" setting.

The lower 2bits of LDVS-signal that is output by 14bit is fixed to 0.

So how should we use your "transfer register"?


At first he set "Resolution/ sample rate override" register, and put AD9257 to "power-down-mode". And next do the setting "transfer register".

Is this way correct?

Otherwise should he set "Resolution/ sample rate override"register durling "power-down-mode"?

Customer will make change 14bit to 12bit for reduce the current a little bit.

Thanks Kaos