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Default configuration AD9212-40 without SPI

Good day.

I use AD9212-40 and don't want to configure it by myself, because the default settings suits me. Thus the FPGA, which control pins CSB, SCLK and SDIO connect them to VCC (CSB pin) or GND (SCLK and SDIO pins). I understand correctly, that in this case, the ADC should load with default values and begin to process the input signal and transmit the signal to FPGA?

  • Hi Leonid,

    Yes you are exactly right. The registers are loaded with register settings each time the ADC powers up.


  • Thanks for your reply. And could you tell me, please. If I need to program the ADC to a test mode via the SPI. So I understand correctly that I need twice to transfer the data in the ADC memory through SDIO pin? For example, if I want to download Register "test_io" (0x0D) in mode "1100 = mixed bit frequency", then I have to transfer: 000000000000110101001100? Then I need to up the CSB to high level. And after that I need to download Logic 1 in the register "device_update" (0xFF): 000000001111111100000001?