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Hello, I read Evaluating the AD8283 and AD8285 Evaluation Boards.

And, I have AD8283CP-EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ.


However I can't understand how to interface with EVAL-RADAR-MMIC Board with AD8283CP-EBZ.


AD8283 wiki page say it has easy interface with EVAL-RADAR-MMIC Board.

But, recently it was changed.


How to connect it ?

Please explain it to help me.

  • Hello Sanghoon,

    The AD8283 and AD8285 evaluation boards were initially designed to interface with the Radar MMIC board. However, the hardware needed to change for the MMIC board, so the RF connections and the interface were also changed. This in mind, the user guide needed to be revised accordingly.

    However, the AD8283/5 devices were designed specifically for high-speed ramp applications, and the signal chain with the radar devices should still apply. An option would be to connect the SMA outputs of the MMIC board, specifically the outputs on the EV-ADAR-D2S, to the SMA inputs of the AD8283. These outputs are already baseband frequencies, and should be appropriate input signals to the AD8283 evaluation board.

    I will take a closer look at the hardware and see what other information I could provide you with.



  • Hi Kris,

    Have you been able to find out whether EV-ADAR-D2S can be connected to the AD8283 evaluation board? How many outputs D2S have? Just 1 or 4 channels?



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