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Low Latency High-Speed ADC and DAC

Hi All,

One of my customer is looking for low latency high-speed ADC and DAC.

His application is to capture high frequency signal by high-speed ADC and the data is processed by FPGA and output control signal from the FPGA and is converted to high-speed DAC. This is a feedback control system for high frequency radar system testing.

Because of the feedback control system, the delay time from input of ADC to Analog output from high-speed DAC is very important.

His requirement is >=1GSPS, >=12bits, simple ADC and DAC function, no filtering and frequency converter are needed.

I picked up the following high-speed ADC and DAC for this application.


AD9234: 12 bit 1 GSPS, Delay min=55 clocks

AD9680: 14 bit 1.25 GSPS, Delay min=55 clocks


AD9789, 14 bit 2.4 GSPS, Delay min=7 clocks

AD9735/6, 12/14 bit 1.2 GSPS, Delay min=32 clocks

If you have any other recommendation for this application, please advise me.

Best Regards,