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single-ended input configuration of AD9212

I am using AD9212 with single-ended input configuration.

As depicted in the picture above, which shown the single-ended input configuration.

However, my input arrange is 0~2V.

Could annyone tell me how to interface a 0~2V signal with AD9212.


  • Hi Zkf0100007,

    Thank you for using the AD9212.

    The AD9212 has a full-scale analog input swing of 2Vpp differential. This rating is with a differential signal. As such, each single-ended component will be swinging 1Vpp, nominally from VCM + 0.5V to VCM - 0.5V in the normal configuration. With a differential input signal, the signal voltages with respect to ground do not nominally go above VCM + 0.5V = 0.9V + 0.5V = 1.4V.

    When you are driving the AD9212 single-ended as shown in Figure 49 of the datasheet, the signal can approach 2V with respect to ground, but once the input signal exceeds AVDD (nominally 1.8V), internal protection devices could start conducting and this will distort your signal.

    The Absolute Maximum Voltage rating of the analog inputs is 2.0V (as shown in Table 5 of the datasheet). So, you could apply a signal swinging from 0 to 2V (with respect to ground), but for the reasons stated, your performance will not be good.

    Does this answer your question, or were you asking something different?

    Thank you.