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AD9269 EVB

We are surveying an ADC EVB with 40MSPS sample rate, 16bit resolution. and it has op-amp input path without balun.

We have checked the AD9269 EVB schematic, it has ADL5562 differential op-amp input path. We have a question, will this parts ADL5562 be available on the AR9269 EVB?  Since we had ever bought an AD9643 EVB, it shows it has differential op-amp in the schematic, but in real EVB, the differential op-amp was removed. Could you help check this issue?

Thanks a lot!


  • Hi Cien,

    Thank you for your interest in AD9269.

    The AD9269 evaluation board comes with the ADL5562 amplifier, but the components around the amplifier (resistors and capacitors) at the inputs, outputs and power supply lines are not installed. These uninstalled components are common off-the-shelf components and should not be difficult to find.

    Thank you.


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