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ADC9680CE04B evaluation Board Design Sources


We have downloaded the design sources of ADC9680CE04B from analog wiki.The download link is :

There are more mismatches between Schematic and BOM.

1.For example U402 in schematic it is indicated as ADM7160AUJZ-1.8 and in BOM it is ADP170AUJZ-1.25-R7. This is SPI power supply to AD9680. The output is always 1.25v beacuse of wrong part number. In AD9680 datasheet minimum Supply volatge to SPI is 1.8V. 

 2.In Schematic R416, R418, R420, R430 and R432 value is 66.5K but in BOM these are 56K. 

We would like to know the design sources are latest or not.

Thanks & Regards

Rama Krishna

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