EVAL01-HMCAD1511 board interfacing

We acquired a EVAL01-HMCAD1511 board. I am wondering if the only FPGA that could be used to interface it is the  Xilinx SP601. We have actually a ZebBoard  and ZC706, would one of them be suited?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 20, 2017 7:27 PM

    Hi Chadi,

    We developed and validated our HMCAD1511/HMCAD1520 customer eval hardware/software tools to interface easily with the Xilinx SP601 demo brd. The ADC Eval Brd does use an FMC-style interface so it is feasible the ADC brd could be adapted to a different FMC based FPGA demo platform.

    The electrical connectivity/pin-out compatibility with any 3rd party FPGA carrier card would need to be verified by the customer. Also the FPGA config code would need to be modified/recompiled for compatibility with the non SP-601 platform.

    You can obtain the HMCAD1511/1520 Xilinx SP-601 FPGA Eval Source code from the ADI EngineerZone link at: https://ez.analog.com/thread/51904

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