Power supplies design of AD9208BBPZ-3000


My customer is designing a power circuit for AD9208BBPZ-3000.

The recommanded power voltages for AD9208 are shown in the table below.

However, AD9208 evaluation board schematic in ADI web supplied 1.8V for AVDD2, DRVDD2 and SPIVDD.

  1. Could customer use 1.8V for AVDD2, DRVDD2 and SPIVDD ?

  2. ADP151 LDO was recommanded for DRVDD and SPIVDD in AD9208 datasheet.

      But, the ADP151 is fixed voltage LDO and I could not find ADP151 LDO for 1.9V in ordering guide.

      Why did you recommand the ADP151 for 1.9V ?

  3. How should customer design the power supplies for the best performance of AD9208 ?

Thanks in advance.