AD9625 Translator

I am looking at using a translator to connect to the AD9625 SPI interface. I only need the SDIO as bi-directional but I am intending putting the SCK & CS on the same device (perhaps even IRQ, FD, PWDN & RSTB). Originally I was considering your ADG3304/8 (or TI's TXB0104/8) which originally appeared okay however I notice that your eval boards make use of the OnSemi FXLA104 on this interface. All these type of translators appear to need a reasonable drive current into their inputs for correct operation. The only IOH & IOL values I can see on the AD9625 spec are for SDIO (800uA for logic '1' & 50uA for logic '0') and I am not sure if these are maximums.


What are the output drive capabilities of the AD9625 output pins mentioned above ?


Presumably the FXLA104/8 is fine to use with the AD9625 (lower drive currents required) but could we happily use the ADG3304/8 (or TXB0104/8) in its place or are their drive requirements too high (hence why they were not used) ?