AD9208 Capture Issue @ 2625MHz Clock with ACE and ADS7-V2EBZ

I didn't succeed to capture AD9208 data using the attached test setup and the following test conditions: Fclock = 2625MHz, FPGA global clock = 328.125MHz, Full BW mode, L=8, M=1, F=1, N'=16 (as recommended in the wiki page). The clock signals have generated with an AD9530 PLL evaluation board. I have used this ACE installer version :

ACE Installer Software 1.7.2585.1050 [Sep 15 17]

I have the same issue with an AD6688 eval board. When I click on run once button the SW didn't stop without displaying any error message. Please advice asap as my project is blocked due to this issue ...

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  • Hi Umesh

    Thank you for this documentation. It was very helpful.

    The next step for me is to control also AD6684 data capture using Matlab. As you know, this device uses VisualAnalog instead of  ACE. I would appreciate if you can provide an API with an example or an ACE plugin that supports data capture.

    Thank you

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