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Data capture, ADS2-V7EBZ


I am looking for some devices which can make ADC raw data continuously during the time set.

Does ADS2-V7EBZ can export adc data to pc more than 1 sec?

AD7902 Eval Software can make 524288 samples per single capture, which is approximately 0.5 sec.

I want to extend capturing time, and download data in extended time. 

Is there any software or device can breakthrough this problem?

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    The max supported ADS7-V2EBZ capture size is ADI converter model specific. If you can provide me with more info on the specific ADI ADC you are interested in I can look into the FPGA code for that specific model and advise on the max attainable sample size using our standard customer eval tools/software.

    Best Regards,