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Clock interface of AD9635

The clock for an AD9635 is from an FPGA PLL in LVDS. In this case, can I directly connect the PLL clock outputs to the clock inputs of AD9635 with capacitors and resistors without using a clock buffer such as AD951x in Fig 60 on page 22 of AD9635 data sheets? If yes, what is the input impedance, i.e. parallel resistors to ground and coupling capacitors?  Many thanks.

  • Hi BCao,

    Thanks for your interest in AD9635. If your clock source is a driver that conforms to the LVDS standard, you do not need an additional buffer. The input impedance information of the clock pins is in Table 3 of the datasheet, but the main thing is to make sure that you have the 100Ohm LVDS termination on your board and are AC coupling to the clock pins.

    Please keep in mind that the clock generated from an FPGA will likely be noisy, so performance that you achieve with this clock will likely be lower than what is in the AD9635 datasheet.

    Thank you.