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AD9057 noise


I am trying to use an AD9057 analog-to-digital converter (-80 grade) with an Encode Clock of 80MHz, 3.3V square wave.

I get a terrible clock return on the input signal itself. If I monitor the input signal, for example a 1Vpp sin waveform at 3 to 10MHz, I get clock noise on the signal to be converter itself, so high that the conversion results really noisy as well.

I cannot find on the market the Evaluation Board depicted into the IC's Datasheet to try with an optimal PCB.

I then tried to separate the AD from the driving board, leaving it alone on a PCB and providing the clock externally. Same noise.

Can you please advise about this issue ?

Can you suggest a different 8, 10 or 12 bit AD converter capable of working with an Encode clock of 80MHz and input signals ranging from DC to 10MHz, with an available Evaluation Board ? In this case I will need to get the converted byte and fed it into a FIFO memory, thus I cannot arrange the complex Analog Devices data acquisition setup, but rather get a "simple" Eval Board with just input and encode connectors and output pattern pins (the AD9057 if existing, is optimal in this sense: no register programming is needed, just providing the encode clock).

Many thanks in advance,


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