AD9694 configuration

I'm using AD9694 ADCs running at 400MHz connected to a Kintex 7.  I've found that every 30th time or so that the ADCs are configured, one or all four channels have corrupted data.  I believe I've corrected the problem by adding 5ms delays between the required JESD reset commands (writing to registers 0x1228, 0x1222, and 0x1262).  I tried this because the JESD receiver was not reporting any data errors, so the corruption seemed to stem from the configuration of the AD9694 itself.  However, this kind of empirical solution is not satisfying, so my question is: what is the recommended configuration procedure for the AD9694?  The datasheet only provides little hints here and there, such as the values to write to those three JESD registers (page 50), and that you should wait 5ms after a device reset (page 72).  Some pseudocode detailing which registers to write to in which order and with what delay between those writes would be appreciated.