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AD8366 output swing compliance with LTC2194

Dear support.

In my design I have an AD8366 dual-VGA that drives a LTC2194 dual-ADC.

Refring  at the specifications for those device, I found the voltage swing of AD8366 is 6Vpp, whereas the absolute maximu ratings for the LTC2194 inputs is 2Vpp.In my design the output of the AD8366 often reach the compression state, therefore my LTC2194 hes to cope with 6Vpp input.

Is thare any damege for the LTC2194 inputs if the applied voltage is beyond 2Vpp?

On the LTC datasheet I found shunt diodes that clamp the imput voltage if it is beyond the allowed voltage up to 100mA current, is it enough to ensure safe operation in combination with AD8366?

where Vdd=1.8V.

By the way, I used the same design of the AD-FMCOMM1 replacing the AD9643 adc with LTC2194.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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