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[AD8283 and HSC-ADC-EVALC]

I bought AD8283 and HSC-ADC-EVALC as shown in

I have to get the data from not only channel A but also channel B.

However, the provided GUI can not read the data from channel B.

I hope the method of capturing the data from channel B is provided too.

  • Hi kimmail93, 

    For that, you will need to check the registers of the AD8283. Channels A and B should be enabled by writing 0x02 to Register 0x0C. 

    The section on Adding or Removing Channels on the Wiki should help to guide you on how you can view the data from 2 channels. Make sure that the sample rate is set to 72MHz/#of channels, which would be 36MHz in your case. 

    Let me know if you need more assistance. 


  • Thank you for replying my question, Kris.

    I did write the command code to register by using given SPIController as shown in the wiki.

    However, it seems the SPI communication is not conducted because the gain control and channel activation are not working.

    I hope I can directly control register by some kind of coding and know how to do.

    Can I download some kind of operator program for coding ??

    and if I upload the video recording my experiment which has problem, can you watch it and give me some comments?



  • Sure, please upload a video and I will see if I can recommend what to do to fix it. If you could take a video of the process beginning startup, that would be best. 



  • I really appreciate your help and upload it later.

    On the other hand, Can I know how to save the data from ADC simultaneously by FPGA Evaluation board??

    I found the way to save data through the visual analog as shown in Figure below.

    But this method needs me to draw the graph and click some icons.

    However, I want to find the method to save data directly to PC, which means when I use the ADC, the data captured by ADC are saved to PC automatically and simultaneously.