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I am new to reading ADC. I want to use AD9629 in my design. And i want to read this with FPGA. How can i handle it? Where should i start when writing the VHDL code? What are the things i should be aware of?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 8, 2020 2:19 AM in reply to hrnttk

    Hi Harun,

    I agree that your output codes for positive differential input voltages look good.

    Your output data for negative input voltages seems to have the same slope (ADC gain) as the output codes for positive values. Also, the data point you provided earlier with 0.46V - 1.34V = -0.88V falls almost on the same line. It is like you are adding an offset to your output codes when the MSB = 0.

    Could you double check your FPGA design? Is it possible you are adding an unintentional offset of 2^11 to the codes for when the MSB = 0? When I subtract 2^11 from your output values when MSB = 0 (for negative differential analog input voltage), your output codes vs. input voltage all fall on a straight line.

    Thank you.