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AD9629 Read


I am new to reading ADC. I want to use AD9629 in my design. And i want to read this with FPGA. How can i handle it? Where should i start when writing the VHDL code? What are the things i should be aware of?

Best regards.

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  • Hi Doug,

    Thank you very much for your help. I had an opportunity to review the code right now. I have some questions about the code.

    1. You wrote the code for AD9649. This is a 14 bit resolution ADC. But the data input of the code is 15 bit. What is the reason of this? And what is the function of ADC_MAX_DATA_SIZE(16 bit)?

    2. Did you monitor the output data via USB? Am i right?

    Best regards.

  • Hi HrnTtk,

    I am not the author of the FPGA code, so I do not know the details or specifics. I can provide some guesses.

    1. The objective is to capture all the digital outputs of a given ADC. Once captured, the software can decide which bits are valid for a particular ADC, whether it be 14bit, 12bit or 10bit. So from this perspective, the code allowing for a >14bit capture does not seem to me to be a problem.
    2. The captured data is transferred to the PC by USB. The software on the PC (VisualAnalog) interprets and processes the data. The AD9629 evaluation board works with the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ FPGA capture board. There is a USB controller chip on the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ FPGA board that handles the USB communication.

    I do not know the function of ADC_MAX_DATA_SIZE(16 bit). From the sound of it, maybe it is setting the maximum limit of the code to capture 16 bit outputs.

    Thank you.