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Is it possible to use EVAL_AD9670 with HCS-ADC-EVALEZ throw the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP ?

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  • Hi Mr. Sleptsov,

    Unfortunately the EVAL-ADC-FMC-INT web page is showing it as being obsolete. I do not know if you can find one.

    Even if you can find one, I doubt that it will work as-is. I have not tried the EVAL-ADC-FMC-INT with the AD9670 evaluation board, but I think it is likely that it would require some hardware "hacks" to make it work electrically, even if it fits mechanically.

    As far as I know, there are no plans to make a new AD9670 board with FMC connector.

    Have you considered the AD9671 evaluation board? This board has an FMC connector and works with the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ.



  • Thanks for your answers.

    Yes, I know AD9671 evaluation board - It use JESD204B protocol and full FMS (400 pins) connector.

    I am planning to use "Nexys Video" with 160 pins FMC for the next iteration.