Kernel version mismatch issue (4.19 and 4.14) for adrv9371 board with petalinux


I am getting the following error for the petalinux build

ERROR: linux-xlnx-4.14-r0 do_kernel_version_sanity_check: Package Version (4.14) does not match of kernel being built (4.19). Please update the PV variable to match the kernel source or set KERNEL_VERSION_SANITY_SKIP="1" in your recipe.

I am using petalinux v2018.3 on centos 7 KERNEL_DTB="zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9371"

when I use petalinux-config -c kernel  and command will fetch the 4.19 version of kernel but somehow there is mismatch from 4.14 version.

I have used analog layers from 

git clone and I checked the file (linux-xlnx_%.bbappend) located at

meta-adi/meta-adi-xilinx/recipes-kernel/linux directory.

In that file some Branch is mentioned as "master" and hence it may be fetching the latest version which is 4.19. And I don't know whether how to change it to older version.

Please resolve this issue.

Thank you.