AD9249 Evaluation Board: input protection

Hi everyone,

I have to develop a system that samples 36 voltages synchronously. I've decided to use 3 AD9249EVM (FMC connector version).
Those voltages comes from antialiasing filters after current measurements through measuring resistors. 
Which is the input voltage range of the board? If I understood correctly input signal of the board must be single ended in +-1V range: chip datasheet states 0 to 2 Vpp maximum ratings but in the schematics of the board I can see a centered tapped transformer that adds a common mode voltage.
Firstly, I would like to understand if what I stated is correct, then I would like to know if there is any protection if the input voltage exceeds +-1V range, and if not, what I could do to prevent the ADC from damage. I was thinking about a voltage follower after each filter, with the opamp powered with +-1 voltage, so that the output should be limited by the supply voltage.

Thank you in advance,