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Differential Input Configurations For AD9650

Dear Sir or Madam

As I found in the datasheet page31 of AD9650 , it mentioned "For baseband applications, AD8138, ADA4937-2, and ADA4938-2 differential drivers provide excellent performance and a flexible interface to the ADC."

Does it mean that only these three drivers can perform excellent for AD9650  with Figure 79 connection ? 

Example, can't  LTC6417 perform better or equal than those three (AD8138, ADA4937-2, and ADA4938-2 )  in unity gain ?

Are there some points I should  take carefully on choosing a  ADC driver?

Thank you 



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The amplifiers mentioned in datasheet were ADI amplifiers available at the time of release of the AD9650 when LTC was a separate company before joining ADI a few years ago.  Based on the datasheet…