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DC1525A-L Production Failure

Hi All,

We bought a DC1525A-L. I'm trying to configure it via SPI interface for a week, but I can not get MOSI outputs properly from your Eval Board.

Firstly, I proved my pinout mappings by using Vivado ILA hardware Debug window.

Then We probed FMC outputs(looks fine)

Then We probed DC1525A-L with an oscilloscope and saw there is no SPI clock coming.

After that we traced your schematic and found a production failure about SPI clock. Then we fixed the problem(I took photos before fixing and after fix)

After fix, we can get SPI clock and I can configure my adc properly. I can always see my FPGA's MOSI(ADC's MISO), SS and SPI Clock signals properly.

But I can not see ADC's MOSI output, only whenever I reset ADC, I can see some output from MOSI or If I send all 16bits as 0xFF 0xFF I can see 0xFF 0xFF as MOSI output(just for trying).


I can set Register2 as 12bits 1Lane mode or 2 Lanes mode:


But I can not get register2's value:


I'm using ZC702 and using Xilinx's SPI driver on Embedded Linux. I'm adding also Vivado Block design view:

Thanks in advance.



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