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Single ended AD9288

Dear engineers. I need to get the maximum analog bandwidth from AD9288. Which option is more profitable, to use the single ended input from the fast OpAmp or use ad8132, which has an analog bandwidth less then 475 MHz of the ad9288. Do I understand correctly that the bandwidth of a single-ended input falls due to the fact that the range of the signal at one input increases?
Is it true that for the implementation of single ended connections, the second input I can leave opened. In this case it will have a potential of 0.3 * VDD.
Is it true that I can use ac coupling ad8370 without any problems with signal range?

  • Hi Alex,

    I will need more info on your application to help answer.  The AD9288 is spec'd on pg 3, Table 1 of it's datasheet, with a Full Power Analog BW of 475 Mhz.  Is this your desired BW or greater?  Do you want to add amplification in front of the ADC, and if so, why ?   

    Also, are you desiring to drive the ADC single-ended ?  The application circuit on pg 17, Fig 26 illustrates use of Baluns on the input and output to convert the chip differential ports to single-ended interfaces.

    Finally, do you wish to drive the 9288 as "DC Coupled", or "AC Coupled" ?