Ad9694 VCM to ADL5205

I would like to use a ADL5205 DC coupled to a AD9694. The default Vocm  of the ADL5205 is Vpos/2 = 1.65 V. The typical VCM for the input of the AD9694 is 1.34 so I intend to use VCM_AB & VCM_CD of the AD9694 to drive the VCM inputs of the ADL5205.

The equivalent circuit of the input to the ADL5205 is approximately a potential divider of two 5 k resistors so to pull this to 1.34 V will require a current of 0.11 mA. We are not told much about the VCM_AB output of the AD9694. 

Can I simply connect the VCM_* outputs of the AD9694 to the VCM inputs of the AD5205? Can it supply this current? Can it drive the recommend 100nF decoupling capacitor at each ADL5205 input?

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