Driving AD9253 with AD8331 VGA


I am designing board with very large dynamic range.

Therefore I am using AD8331 amplifier in Low Gain Mode. According to Datasheet it can be used for driving 12bit ADC and in some cases with 14bit ADC(output filter is needed).
Bandwith of interest is 100kHz - 30 MHz.

AD8331 output voltage is 2Vpp. Unipolar Power supply 5V.

According to my calculation AD8331 limits ENOB to 11.5bits

AD9253 has VCM=0.9V and AD8331 has VCM=2.5V. Therefore some kind of translation has to be added.

At first, I was thinking of adding ADA4930 that is typically used for driving low voltage ADC, but I want to minimize component number and power consumption.

I am wondering if I can use AD8331 to directly drive ADC AD9253?

Idea is to add this type of circuit to output of VGA and AC couple it.

Will it impact ADC and all chain performance?