HMCAD1511 and SP605


I purchased a HMCAD1511 board and wanted to evaluate it on a third-party XILINX SP605 development board.

But I only found hmc1520_sp601_rev118.mcs in the installation directory of the Easy suite,how can I get the mcs file for the SP605 board? and it would be better if there was a tutorial for the SP605 board.

And, when I installed the Easy suite software according to the requirements in the user manual, it reported to me that the java is not installed, but I have successfully installed the java1.6 version and completed the environment configuration(windows 7). What version of java should I use?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 1, 2019 6:12 PM


    The HMCAD1511/HMCAD1520 Evaluation Kits were developed some 8yrs ago for compatibility with the Xilinx SP601 development brd. The original FPGA code has not been ported to any newer Xilinx FPGA development brds such as the SP605. You will find the the HMCAD-15xx SP601 example source code as-is and without warranty in several threads within this forum. Customers can reference the SP601 code for potential porting to other FPGA platforms.

    As for the Java requirement, version 1.6 is somewhat outdated now so I would recommend installing the latest (current) version from which works with Windows 7.

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