AD6676 Simulink Model

I'm interested in using the AD6676 for a high bandwidth application that also requires high instantaneous dynamic range.

It would be great to do some simulation (in Simulink) with the ADI provided files... but I'm running into a version compatibility issue (text listed below);

"The protected model AD6676 was created with version R2013a of Simulink, which is different than the Simulink version currently running.  To update the protected model AD6676 to run in the currently running version of Simulink, it is necessary to use Simulink.ModelReference.protect on the original model file to create an updated protected model using the current version of Simulink."

I am currently running Matlab 2017a.  Is there any way to get an updated copy of this model that will work with later versions of Matlab without reverting to Matlab 2013a?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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