AD9249 evm: Questions from a beginner

I just started working on a project for driving a multiphase motor. The idea would be to use two AD9249 evm to sample the conditioned signals of the motor phase currents. We want the converters to communicate with a zynq702.
Do you confirm that I can have the two cards sampled at the same time by supplying the same sync signal?
As for communication: I am not very confident with communication in general and in particular with spi. It is not clear to me how to communicate with the two boards to get the various samples. I read both the datsheet of the AD9249 and the AN877-application note but I can't find out which are the registers in which the samples of each adc are saved. I would also like to know if you can read all sixteen channels in a row with a single command. In short, I would like help on the above and any clarification / advice for the system that you want to implement.

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