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       about a mouth ago ,we brought an HSC-ADC-EVALDZ and EVAL-AD9681, but recent days, it sems broken.

      We follow the "Evaluation board for AD9278/AD9279 UG",  1. connect the boards to each other ;2. connect the two boards with each power supply;3. Connect the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board to the PC with a USB cable; 4. jumper the J501 to the OFFsetting; 5 . input an 10MHZ,Vpp=100mv sine wave to CH_A; 6. run the FFT case on VisualAnalog witout change any parameter。

      The software VisualAnalog can regonize the two boards normally (show on the end of the window),  and we connect the input sine wave to an oscilloscope, the signal is as our except, but the  graph capture nothing. We also run other cases, the result seems the board did not work. 

      Several days before,  two eval boards can operate normally, between these days , i put the boards on my desk,and do nothing , the software can regonize the two boards ,but can not work , do you guys know the reasons?

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  • Hi Niqilulu,

    • In SPIController, in the Global tab, when you click on Read CHIP ID(1), does the field update with the correct device type?
    • If the correct device type appears, then in the ADCBase0 tab, in the MODES(8) window, if you click Chip Run --> Chip Reset --> Chip Run, does that make any difference in your operation?

    If the above does not help, then I'll have to ask an engineer familiar with AD9278.