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The frequency of the templates FFT on VisualAnalog using Evaluation Board for AD9278 & AFE HSC_ADC_EVALC has regular errors


       We brought your AD9278 Evaluation Board and AFE HSC_ADC_EVALC board , and following the   "AD9278_79_EVB_User_Guide.pdf" , setting power, setting the SPI control.  Then we  using an signal synthesizer generate one 1MHz / Vpp=5V sine wave , input to the CH_A, then we run the FFT test on  VisualAnalog, but the result show the  highest energy signal frequency is  around 0.76MHz, at the meantime ,there is no signal around 1MHz.

       We also test 5MHz, the final analysis results show  the  highest energy signal frequency is  around 3.8MHz, and the 10MHz input sine signal , final show 7.6MHz signal.

       we read  the UG sevral times, but still cannot solve this problem , so we need your help.