LTC2258-14 No output or CLKOUT

We are trying to use the ltc2258-14 with the serial programming mode, Double data rate CMOS.  We can not get any output on the clkout line or any of the data lines.  We have also been unable to read any of the mode registers.

Any thoughts as to why we wouldn't be getting a response.  

SPI Configuration:

Screenshot of attempted spi communication with LTC2258

X"0080", --reset everything
X"0203", --set out clock to 45 degree shift and clock stabilization
X"0302", --put into double data rate CMOS
X"0439", --put into two-compliment data format
X"0100", -- Normal Operation
X"8300" -- Read Output Mode Register/Output test

Schematic of our board:

R59 has been removed.

Pull Up resistor added to SDO

PAR/SER is connected to ground.