AD9280 outputs


I have connected AD9280 in top/bottom mode using external reference (1V) on REFTS/REFBS. The device is powered on using 5V supply. When I turn the supply on, with 1Vp-p input at AIN, I don't see output until after 131 seconds!

I am only using 4 MSBs of the output. Output D7 stays high for 131 seconds, D6 and D5 toggles but mirror each other. D4 is same as D5. After 131seconds the output looks ok. Without going in further detail can I please ask, what is the reason for the 131seconds delay? Why D7 stuck to high after power up??  Also, any clue for the odd behaviour of D4, D5, D6? I have checked these lines are not shorted to high or each other as the do toggle after 131 seconds. Please help. Thanks,

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