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AD9208 & ADS7V2 with ACE


Hi, I'm currently using AD9208-3000EBZ and ADS7v2 with ACE.

Using the configuration in the above pic, 
I was able to get data with ACE. I have a few questions!

My system with this configuration only works up to the 'sample count' of 4194304.
Is this number the maximum sample count of ACE without using 'remote control(python)'?

If the sample count is 4194304, does it mean that it is 4,194,304 bits = 524,288 bytes = 0.5 MB?

In the above picture, there is 'resolution'. I don't understand it.
The system only works when the resolution is 16.
Is it different from N` factor of JESD204B? 
Is it possible to get bigger 'sample count' if I lower 'resolution'?

If I change 'L' of JESD204B from 8 to 4, Theoretically, It should be working as well since Lane Rate is 3.5 Gbps.
However, ACE suddenly stops without any error messages when 'L' is 4.  
I waited for more than one hour but it still says "State=Good, AD9208 Analysis - ConfigureChannels, Finished at ~~" and nothing happens.
Does ACE only support 'L' of 8? or Is there any speed limit of lane rate?

Sorry for many question. But they are very important to me Cry

Thanks in advance!!!!