configuring AD9250 for 250MSPS

I have been trying to be able to use the full 250MSPS capable of the ad9250 and according to the datasheet, this can only be done using 2 lanes? Is this correct?


When I use just one lane ML=11, it works for low frequency signals up to about 40Mhz but I am unable to sample a 70Mhz sine wave correctly. It is very distorted. I guess because the sampling rate is only 125Msps(below nyquist). When I switch to 2 lanes, I can only get it to work if the M is also 2 ( 2 converters). The problem with that is part of the data is from converter A and the other is from converter B. My signal is only going to converter A . I am using the  ad9250 -250EBZ eval board.


I think what I need is M=1 and L=2. So I can feed the signal to just one converter but get the full 250MSPS.


Setting it to  M=1(1 converter), L=2 (2 lanes) mode doesn’t work, sync signal stays low.  I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong. According to table 13 below, the only difference for this mode is to set the HD to ‘1’ in in this mode and I do that in the JESD core I am using, somehow it doesn’t work whether I set it or not.


These are the contents of my ROM file I use to configure the ADC, I think the relevant part is highlighted yellow.

I have used this same file with that part changed to 005E11 and 005E22 and they all work. But as soon as I change it to 005E12, it keeps syncing (sync signal never comes up). 










  0        :           00003c ;   --  reset ADC

  1 :      0000DE ; -- wait for 500us command

  2        :           005F15 ;           --          0          AD9250 #1, write 0x15 to link control 1 register 0x5F to disable the lane

  3 :      006E81 ;           --          1                      # write 0x81(enable) or 0x01(to disable) to parameter SCR/L register 0x6E to enable/disable scrambler

  4        :           005E12 ;           --          2          AD9250 #1, write ML to quick config register 0x5E for  M= number of converters ,L= number of lanes/converter

  5        :           00FF01 ;           --          3          AD9250 #1, write 0x01 to device update register 0xFF to update the settings

  6        :           00701F ;           --          4 write  to parameter K register 0x70 (for K=32, write 0x1F)(for K=16, write 0x0F)

  7        :           00FF01 ;           --          5          AD9250 #1, write 0x01 to device update register 0xFF to update the settings

  8        :           00730F ;           --          6          AD9250 #1, write 0x0F to parameter subclass/Np register 0x73 for subclass 0

  9 :      807500 ;           --read high density mode, expect Bit 7 to be high

  A :      807100 ;           --read M(number of converters) , expect Bit 7:0 to be x01

  B :      806E00 ;           --read L(number of lanes) , expect Bit 7:0 to be x02

  C        :           005F14 ;           --          7          AD9250 #1, write 0x14 to link control 1 register 0x5F to enable the lane

  [D..F] :           FFFFFF ;           --          8 Fin    




I have also tried setting register 83 to 0x30  (82 left at default 0x02) so that lane A is routed to both Lane 0 and Lane 1. I'm guessing that's what you need to acheive 250Msps?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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