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Setting FIFO size per channel using DLLs for AD9633 & hsc-adc-evalc


I'm communicating to the ad9633 eval board and the HSC-ADC-EVALC through the use of the DLLs as described in other posts.  But I'm unclear how to set the size of the 64k FIFO for a given channel.  So if I want all 4 to have 16k so they can be sampled all at once, or 2 @ 32k, or using all 64k for a single channel capture.

How can I control the allocation of the HSC-ADC-EVALC   FIFO?

Subset of working test code as follows:

            HadSpiParameters param = new HadSpiParameters(1, 0, 1);
            SpiInitInterface(1, param);

            SpiWrite(short.Parse("08", NumberStyles.HexNumber), byte.Parse("03", NumberStyles.HexNumber), "soft reset");
            SpiWrite(short.Parse("08", NumberStyles.HexNumber), byte.Parse("00", NumberStyles.HexNumber), "clear reset");
            SpiWrite(short.Parse("14", NumberStyles.HexNumber), (byte)(Settings.Reader_IsTwosCompliment ? 1 : 0), "twos complement");

            SpiInitInterface(0, param);

            SpiWrite(short.Parse("01", NumberStyles.HexNumber), byte.Parse("32", NumberStyles.HexNumber), string.Empty);

            board.FillFifos(numSamples, 30);

//Channel Loop to walk through channels 0-3 as readChannel

          SpiWrite(short.Parse("02", NumberStyles.HexNumber), (byte)readChannel, "channel to read");   
          byte[] bytes = board.CaptureFifoBytes(numBytes, fifoChannel);